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Friday, July 31, 2009

AM Designer of the Month: Philippe Tournaire

As a designer, he has always been a firm believer that success does not come from simply applying the skills learned, but rather from being creative and adapting oneself to the design piece and its world.

As a man with a thirst for creativity, Philippe Tournaire weaves his magic by skilfully combining precious metals and stones with the history of art and sience for more than 38 years Philippe Tournaire has worked hard to establish his own distinctive rules of harmony.

Tournaire’s workshops give a whole new meaning to watch making, The watches’ traditional design turns into veritable architecture.
With symbolic architecture and a keen eye for detail , take the time to admire one of Philippe Tournaire’s latest collections, and discover the classic touch that has made the Tournaire brand so popular and distinctive.
Here is to explore some of the ring collection :

"Solitaire Village Rond Amethyste, Solitaire Village Carre, Solitaire Village Carre Tout, Solitaire Village Rond"

"Bague Monastere"
"Villa Chinoise"

"Citadelle Avec 1 Diamant. X Carat"

"Palace Pierre De Lune"

"New York"

"Villa Romane"

"Villa Florence"

"Palais Roman Grand Modelle" (7 900.00




"Monastere 7 Diamant"

"Palais Roman" (4 850.00 )


"Village Fortifie"

"Bague Paris"


Whole city

Philippe Tournaire’s workshops are not exclusively dedicated to jewelry manufacturing. Indeed, creation also means restoring ancient jewels, or even transforming them.


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