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Monday, August 10, 2009

Lily Allen Is A Chanel Girl

@ Fall/Winter 2009/10 show (Paris)

Chanel surely is taking a risk for choosing the 24-year-old British pop star, Lily Rose Beatrice Allen a.k.a Lily Allen to represent their newest handbag Ad campaign.

The Kaiser thinks that she's fun and has decided to pick her among other stars who perhaps could fill in the position better.
Some people think it might work and some still think the other way around. Though the decision may seem odd, but we couldn't deny the magic touch of Mr. Lagerfeld, the one who could turn anything into a fashion statement.

Take a look at these images, Ad campaign for Chanel's latest handbag line, "Coco Cocoon" starring Lily Allen.

This Coco Cocoon collection will be available in Chanel boutiques starting October 10th 2009.

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