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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fashion Creatives Behind Gaga's "Telephone" Music Video

Starring screen opening from the "Telephone" music video.
In an interview with E!online, Gaga herself explained what's made her video so different:
"There was this really amazing quality in "Paparazzi', where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture. In its own way, even at certain points working with Jonas Akerlund, (the director of both videos) really achieved this high art quality in the way that it was shot. I wanted to do the same thing with this video-take a decidedly pop song, which on the surface has a quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper."
Now let's take an inside look of the creative minds that really have a big influence in the making of Gaga featuring Beyonce music video, "Telephone", which at this moment still sit in the no.2 position on the music chart after six weeks.

The Music Video Director
Who? Jonas Akerlund
 This Swedish movie and music video director was born November 10, 1965. Best known for his stylish touch in music videos he direct and often mock forms of movie trailers and short films. His video for Madonna's song "Ray of Light" won a Grammy for Best Music Video and a record seven awards at 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, including Best Video of the Year.

In this video Gaga herself was very much involved in writting the concept with Jonas Akerlund. The inspiration behind the song was Gaga's fear of suffocation. This music video is a continuation from "Paparazzi", which also directed by Akerlund. Paying homage to Quentin Tarantino and his movie Kill Bill (2003–2004).

Who? Nicola Formichetti 
He was born in Japan in 1977 to an Italian father and a Japanese mother and grew up between these two countries. He works as an editor on several fashion magazines, as well as being a consultant for number of leading fashion brands, working on their image, business strategy, marketing processes or simply styling the campaigns. He is now actively working as fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan, Creative director of Dazed & Confused, also contributing fashion editor of V, V Man, Another, Another Man.

Many of his clients are from leading fashion brands such as Prada, D&G, Missoni, IceBerg, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Top Man, H&M, Levis, also sport brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, and among his celebrity client roster there are Robert Pattinson, Chloe Sevigny, Ashton Kutcher, Kirstin Dunst, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Timberlake, , Eva Mendes, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Apparently it really is a great decision to collaborate with this genious fashion director again after prior success in "Bad Romance".

Who? Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

Also known as JC/DC, born November 28, 1949 in Casablanca, Morocco. He has enjoyed international success with some of his creations, including a coat of teddy bears worn by pop star Madonna and supermodel Helena Christensen in the film Pret-a Porter. Gaga was also seen wearing his signature Muppet character pieces, Kermit and Animal dress.

In the first scene of the music video, we can see Gaga wearing stripey custom-made dress made out of leather with high shoulder designed by Castelbajac that looks like prisoner uniform (only way more fashionable!).

Not just Gaga, Nicola Formichetti also picked one of Castelbajac's outstanding pieces for Beyonce. A blue sateen blazer embellized with Swarovski crystals and chains from JC/DC Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

Printed faces all over this blazer is what make it more special.

These fully covered in beads and Swarovski pumps are also from JC/DC.
Beyonce's deconstructed denim shorts Franc Fernandez and Oscar Olima.

Who? Brian Lichtenberg

A yellow police line-inspired turned to an extreme costume designed by Brian Lichtenberg, LA-based designer specializing in contemporary womens and menswear. He made this custom piece for the prisoner Gaga shot taken behind the jail bar.
Two different kinds of Brian Lichtenberg's "DO NOT CROSS - CRIME SCENE", wore by model (left) and Gaga (right).

This is not the first time she's wearing Lichtenberg's creation.
Necklace by Lichtenberg
Laces tight pans by Lichtenberg

His collection is available at online store:

Who? Viktor & Rolf
Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam-based fashion house. The company was founded in 1993 by designers Victor Horsting, born 1969 in Geldrop and Rolf Snoeren born 1969 in Dongen. They met while studying fashion at the Arnhem Academy of Art and Design in The Netherlands and after graduation they began working together.  

Gaga's giant chain jumpsuit here is special custom by Viktor and Rolf themself, this look is a recreation from one of their latest collection seen on the runway.

Here is Viktor & Rolf's sketch for the costume.

Seems the inspiration came by combining their latest and previous collection.

What? Haus of Gaga

In this video, Gaga apparelled from Haus of Gaga label for several times. Started with Gaga and the back-up dancer team in the earlier scenes, they were all wearing the same kind of basic black two-piece full with metal studs on top of it :

Then the cigarette sunglasses.

Never cross mind, a bunch of cigarettes can be an interesting material for designing sunglasses as ornament that adds cool smoke effect surround it.

The tight leopard print jumpsuit all the way through the hat.

and this American flag-inspired two-piece brought strong patriotism atmosphere into the video .


Oscar Olima, a 25-year-old male designer from downtown Los Angeles, California.
"My clothing is created with extensive attention to detail and quality."
In the same dance scene with Gaga above, Beyonce wore American flag theme mini dress by Oscar Olima.

Who? Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, born 1964 is a footwear designer who launched his line of high end women's shoes in France back in 1991. Since 1992, his designs have incorporated the shiny, red-lacquered soles that become his signature.
On March 27, 2007, Christian Louboutin filed an application for U.S. trademark protection of this red sole design.

Gaga is a huge fan of his and the picture below says it all.

The Supra Fifre thigh-high corset boots out in two different colours.
 Ciara wears the thigh-high red boots.

Who? Dr Noki

Gaga's dancer in Noki.
Noki collection for women.

Who? Karl Lagerfeld

Karl is notably as head designer and creative designer for the fashion house Chanel. His name is Karl Otto Lagerfeld, was born on September 10, 1933 in Hamburg. Is a German fashion designer and artist based in Paris, France. Lagerfeld helms his own label fashion house, as well as the Italian fashion house Fendi.   

Chanel made a special sunglasses design for Gaga that she wore for the scene captured in image below.

Closer look, in couple of scenes Gaga's showing us how the sunglasses can be very multi-functional. It's a sunglasses! It's a comb! No, it's Chanel!

With this kind of sunglasses, why wear it only once?? Gaga wear it again and again.

While the studded leather jacket she wear is from Search and Destroy. She really loves this jacket, proven by wearing it more than once.

Who? Thierry Mugler

Best-known for Thierry Mugler is his fragrances, "Angel" and "A-Men" fragrance. Born 1948 in Strasbourg, France, is a fashion designer, photographer, and creator of fashion design company of the same name. The company is now best-known for its perfume division. The couture division was closed in 2003, but reopened for the Winter 2008 collection. Helmed by Rosemary Rodriguez, formerly of Paco Rabanne, who has also created the label's most recent ready-to-wear collection.

Gaga and Beyonce are big fans of his amazing creations. They both wearing it in one particular scene (inside the car) when Gaga got bailed out from prison by Beyonce.
Evolution of a classic design.

Rachael Barrett

A 25-year-old fashion graduated from Glasgow. Scottish designer Rachael Barrett is one of Lady Gaga's new favorite designers that has created a silicone rubber dress. She was also voted "breakthrough designer of the year" last November at Scottish Style Awards. 
"Rachael is my favorite new designer. Her innovation with latex, silhouette and minimalism is refreshing, inspirational and promising for the future of fashion", said Gaga.
She wore Barrett's creation last November for the first time while video shooting her number one hit "Bad Romance" music video. She also wore another creation of Barrett on Ellen DeGeneres Show and for Monster Ball tour in the United States. Recently, again we see her in Barrett's masterpiece in "Telephone" music video.
"It was absolutely wonderful when I discovered Lady Gaga would be wearing one of my dresses for the Bad Romance video. After graduating it was pretty rough, I had a tough summer hunting for freelance work, so for this to happen was a real surprise," said Barrett.
The designer dress priced at 1,000 pounds.
(Kitchen scene) Back-up dancer's costume design by Jenny Araskog.

Diner scene.

Rachael Barrett "sketches to runway".
Gaga is very much in love with this collection.
Monster Ball USA Tour.

Ellen DeGeneres Show Nov 2009.

Gaga attended several events in Barrett's silicone rubber dress.

Who? Jeremy Scott

Karl Lagerfeld said in the newspaper Le Monde that Scott is the only designer who could ever take over after him when he leaves Chanel.

American fashion designer Jeremy Scott born in Kansas City Missouri. He started his runway career in Paris and has since shown collections in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Moscow. Is known for his high octane and outrageous designs favoured by pop stars and celebrities, the creation now have been worn by famous people such as Madonna, Rihanna, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and also dressed Britney Spears as a futuristic airline stewardess for Toxic video. He is the first designer to dress the muppet diva Miss Piggy and same as Gaga, both claimed him as favorite designer. 

In the diner scene, Beyonce rocks Jeremy Scott sunglasses which Gaga once wore in "Paparazzi" video.

Who? Mercura

Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen work together as Mercura NYC. Together they design metal body sculptures and art at the Hotel Chelsea in mid 70's. Art work included unique fantasy jewelry, metal dresses, metal bustiers, gauntlet cuffs, headdresses, metal hoods and eyewear, cigarette holders, heads ornaments, painting and table mounted sculptures. They continue to have their design studio at the Chelsea and at a large work loft in the Flatiron neighborhood.
Gaga wears their unique design sunglasses for the opening scene.

Mercura incredible ultra wear visionary collector's pieces.

Atsuko Kudo

Atsuko Kudo is a leading designer in latex rubber clothing. Designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex rubber in wide variety of plain colours and uniquely patterned prints for women who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine, and strong.

In the video Beyonce wears yellow tight latex dress with the same material western hat.

Gaga also loves Atsuko Kudo latex dress, she's seen wearing one in black.
 Lady Gaga in Atsuko Kudo (right).
Also in Atsuko Kudo. Lady Gaga meets The Queen at The Royal Variety Show Dec 2009.

Fred Butler

Art Director Fred Butler is a props stylist and accessories designer based in London. She graduated in fashion design from the University of Brighton in 2003. After assisting set designer Shona Heath and freelance prop making, Fred launched her website of art direction in 2006. Fred specialised in creating props as accessories for stylists such as Nicola Formichetti, Patti Wilson and Francesca Burns. Among the clients there are MTV, Kickers, Selfidges, Patrick Wolf, Sigur Ros.

Fred Butler is the person behind the asymmetrical blue telephone helmet.
 Kitchen scene.

Fred Butler's sketch for the telephone helmet.

There's also in black.
Black phone helmet design by Fred Butler, dress by Atsuko Kudo (left),
Gaga at Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Show wearing black phone hat by Philip Treacy for Armani Prive (right).


One of Danilo's fundamental philosophies is that great style begins with healthy hair."My passion is creating unique styles that make a woman feel beautiful, and the first step to that is taking proper care of hair with daily conditioning and maintenance for healthy-looking hair."
Danilo has created innovative looks for fashion runways from New York to Milan, and works with legendary music artists and high-profile events. From haute couture to multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. Danilo's individuality and ever-evolving vision keep him constant demand both behind the scene and in front of the camera.

Hairstyles in 'Telephone' video.
Gaga's yellow telephone hair.

Is this already becoming some kind of trend? 
2009 West Hollywood Pride Parade; a mockingly-humorous vintage photos (via: boxvox).
Tyra Banks; Ashley Olsen (Marie Claire by Ruven Afanador); Ashanti's 2008 ("Good Good"video); Maluca's 2009 ("El Tigeraso"video); (via: boxvox).
Who? Emilie Pirlot

Belgian nationality designer, Emilie Pirlot was born February 19, 1985. She earned her master degree in fashion design from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The outfits which Beyonce and Lady Gaga are wearing in the video come from her "Mysterious Wonderland" collection.

"Mysterious Wonderland" 2009 Collection on runway.

Who? Laurie Ann Gibson

Laurie Ann Gibson is a choreographer and creative director best known for her work on MTV's Making the Band and P.Diddy's Starmaker series. She was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and later became a "Fly Girl" on In Living Color. She later moved on to choreograph many act for Bad Boy Records.
She choreographed the film Honey,and has worked with artist such as Diddy, Dirty Money, Cassie, Danity Kane, Jojo, Corbin Bleu, Brandy, Day26, Jordin Sparks, Esmee Denters, The Clique Girlz, Lax Gurlz and directors such as Bille Woodruff. This is not the first time she works with the phenomenal today artist Lady Gaga. She choreographed for "Paparazzi" and "LoveGame" video in 2009, also "Alejandro" this year.

Fashion credits : Gagadaily ; Nicola Formichetti

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