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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Fashion Revealed - Part II

Sex and the City Movie 2 finally released, and now looks like it's gonna be more hit on the fashion style. The stars' looks are coveted and imitated by many. Now we wanted to show you and tell you about the detail, who's the designer in charge behind these styles and of course the stylists who successfully mix all those creations into amazing looks.
Here is the latest fashion news from SATC 2 the movie, let the ride begin...

One of the posters features the four stars together. Sex and the City 2 tickets on sale now!

The Wow factor is how they walk together (opening scene) :
"It's so easy to dress all of them…"
After six seasons on the small screen and two movies, co-costume designers Molly Rogers and Patricia Field know their girls backwards and forwards.
"It's so easy to dress all of them—you're just standing in front of the racks and something jumps out at you, like, 'That's a fabulous color for Cynthia. That's so Charlotte'," says Rogers. "[Even] sales people now are like, 'I've got a really cute skirt for Kristin.'"

(Miranda) : Bottega Veneta dress; Vintage belt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Kara Ross clutch; (Carrie) : Halston Heritage dress, Christian Louboutin heels, Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace; (Samantha) : Vintage Item dress, Patricia Field mules, VBH clutch; (Charlotte) : Christian Dior suit and bag, Christian Louboutin pumps. 'Sex and the City 2' movie scene at bergdorf goodman NYC

In our previous post, we had already done Carrie's style breakdown, now let's turn our head to Miranda Hobbes.
Miranda Hobbes in mustard colored Bottega Veneta dress, Vintage belt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Kara Ross Amo clutch.

Miranda is wearing Bottega Veneta dress combined with vintage belt and Christian Louboutin white pumps, clutch from Kara Ross, plus Alexis Bittar bracelets.
"With her hair color, it's so easy to dress her...," says Rogers.
When clothing Miranda, the designer often started with bold hues that would accentuate her ginger locks.
They amped up the rich berry of Miranda's sheath with matching heels.

This burgundy dress is from RM by Roland Mouret.
Miranda in RM by Roland Mouret dress.
Next is stripe print dress from Zero + Maria Cornejo with Reid&Reid belt and Lanvin bag.
Miranda's wearing Zero + Maria Cornejo dress with Reid&Reid belt and Lanvin bag.

Miranda transitioned from a corporate wardrobe into loose dresses in autumnal colors.
"I still think of her in bold African stripes..."  Rogers says of the flattering new look. And why less suits? "When Pat's telling a story, the most important thing to her are the characters in their lives, like how successful is Miranda?"
Move on to Miss Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall). Accessorized in Ray-Ban sunglasses and a VBH phyton skin clutch worth $1,300.
Samantha Jones is wearing Black Vintage dress, Ray-Ban sunglasses, VBH python clutch ($1,300), Patricia Field (white) mules.
Samantha lounges on a Middle Eastern chaise in a sweeping chartreuse robe.
"It has a bridal train," says Rogers. "That takes me somewhere else. Pat does the fantasy of it all so well. You don't want to see Kim in a T-shirt and sweatpants..."
Samantha wears Jean Paul Gaultier robe and a Patricia Field (gold) mules (on floor).

Samantha wore wooden-soled mules designed by Patricia Field more than once. 
"Those Pollys are comfortable," says Rogers. "You can run for taxis in those things, no problem." The character wore them in gold, white and purple. " That shoe was really appropriate for Kim, kind of a knock-around high heel sandal. For $150, you can't get a better shoe."
Samantha in Marc Bouwer dress, Cache belt, accessories with Rodrigo Otazu earrings, Dannijo bracelet, Patricia Field (purple) mules.

Next, we move on to where we left off in Part I, Charlotte York.

Charlotte's number one designer? Oscar de la Renta.
"Oscar is just a go-to person for Kristin's character, " says Rogers. " She's a park Avenue girl, a Manhattan girl and he just nails it for Charlotte."
"and as a big bonus for a mother of two, they also have matching girl dresses."
Charlotte wears an Oscar de la Renta green dress and a green crocodile east west leaf tote from Nancy Gonzalez-Spring/Summer 2010 collection ($3,380). 

Charlotte's tribal-print dress was whimsically accessorized with a piece from Chanel.
"It was actually a belt on her head."
Charlotte in Lanvin tribal print dress with Chanel belt (as headband).

Even next to a baby with the skin of a, well, baby, Charlotte always look flawless.
"She has fabulous skin and hair." says Rogers.
The perfectionist character was appropriately baking in a cupcake-print apron from Anthropologie designed by Jessica Steele and L'wren Scott blouse.
Charlotte : L'Wren Scott blouse and Anthropologie apron designed by Jessica Steele.

Charlotte looked ultra-sexy in lingerie layered over a hot-pink blouse.
"She let her hair down, " Rogers says of the character." She got away from the prim and proper for a little bit."
Charlotte : Vintage blouse Pink Oscar de la Renta, Carine Gilson corset, Azzedine Alaia skirt, Jacob&Co. (special order watch), Brian Atwood shoes and Jennifer Fisher charms necklace ($510) without chain.

Still haven't satisfied of Carrie? Let's carrie on about her looks.

Christian Dior by John Galliano, the classic newspaper Carrie's wearing is a piece she wore during the third season. Stylist Patricia Field brought it back and teamed it with a pair of Louboutin shoes worth $1,785.
"It was the first fancy dress that we ever bought her," says Rogers. "Pat loved that we could work that in again." And did Sarah Jessica Parker have any troubles slipping into the old favorite? "Oh, it was no problem for her to zip that baby up years later," the designer assures.
For a scene set as Carrie's old apartment, her Dior newspaper print made a comeback.
She puts on Chahan Minassian necklace and carrying Bea Valdes bag. 
Carrie : newspaper print dress from Christian Dior-Fall 2000.

The designers went all the way to Paris to find a new signature necklace for Carrie.
"It is just alive and on fire with diamonds," Rogers says of the Chahan Minassian piece. "We thought that was incredible to get that on her, because that shamrock stands for luck. "Not only did they swap out the silver chain for gold one, but the duo used the necklace as a bracelet in another scene.
Here we got the answer from our Part I question:
Carrie accessories Halston Heritage dress with Chahan Minassian (clover) necklace and Jimmy Choo cuff.

It may seem as though Carrie has worn it all, but the movie sequel allowed the designers to dress the character in a whole new way. 
"They get to ditch their N.Y.C. duds," says Field . And wear the sort of flowing gowns that should never touch a dirty Manhattan sidewalk. [Their look] is Middle Eastern, but still with their glamorous edge to it."
More on Carrie,

Carrie in blue Halston Heritage dress ($435) with Jimmy Choo cuff and in orange Halston Heritage dress ($895) with Rodrigo Otazu bracelet.

Here, Carrie is wearing a beaded peacock mini dress.
Carrie : Chahan Minassian (clover) necklace and Adriana Castro-Resort 2010 python clutch collection.

The clutch is,

Adriana Castro (a tri-colored python eva) clutch Resort-2010 collection.

The Fabulous Four.
When the girls headed to the desert, it was Miranda who gave the fashion advice.
"She is the one who gives the girls the lowdown on dress codes in the Middle East - Miranda's done her travel research!" Says Rogers. That's not to say that her wardrobe was merely utilitarian - with her rich brocades and oversize jewelry, she's appropriately dressed but ready for the adventure!"   
Quite an inspiration to traveling in natural white like these girls.

  Samantha wears Graeme Black seath, Noir jewelry, Bill Blass belt.

The hoops and bracelet worn by Samantha came from a neatly organized array called in by the designers.
"We had a jewelry room piled with cuffs and big, big jewelry," says Rogers. 
Along with a space dedicated to costume pieces, the production stocked an entire room of fine jewelry.
"I have to say it was so much fun to prep the fitting rooms for the movie."
Guess who else carrying Adriana Castro's bag?
Samantha wears Adriana Castro-python hobo bag collection ($1,900).
"We wanted to get the feeling of an eager young girl embarking on a voyage and really putting on a show," says Rogers. "She has hats, sunglasses, gloves - the way you used to travel on airplanes."
 Carrie's crisp white vacation out-fit and her straw hat were inspired by a more glamorous era of travel.
Carrie : Ralph Lauren dress and Albertus Swanepoel hat.

The 80's
Flash dance was the starting point for Carrie's first flashback outfit, along with Rogers' own 80s wardrobe.
Flash dance (1983)

"All of us had plastic see-through bags," she says of working at Patricia Field's Lower East Side shop. "I got mine out of storage." But the biggest sticking point was the (flat) shoes. "I'm sure it was extremely difficult for her (SJP)," jokes Rogers. "We toyed with lots of different shoes, Doc Martens and things like that, but we thought it was classic Americana to be in a sneaker."

Will 80's back in spotlight on the fashion track?
Carrie : Vintage sweatshirt, Jordache jeans, vintage luggage and Converse sneakers.
Deciding which kind of 80's lady Carrie was going to be was no easy task. "At the end of all Sarah Jessica's fittings we would take a minute and talk about flashbacks," says Rogers. The bulk of her outfit came from Betsey Johnson archives. "Sarah Jessica added the pearls and rubber bracelets."
Other 80's inspiration? None other than Madonna.

Carrie's 80's look :  Laura Ashley dress, Betsey Johnson corset, vintage Amy Barr shirt, Chantelle braBrian Atwood shoes and vintage jewelry.
"She was the classic sorority sister," Rogers says of Charlotte and her preppy style. "Charlotte was a no-brainer - Add-a-Beads and all of that, Tretorn sneakers." Along with a pink and white getup, the character carried a hairbrush and a wooden-handled interchangeable bag.
Charlotte's 80's look : Lilly Pulitzer sweater and skirt, Strenesse blouse, Tretorn shoes and vintage purse. 
Law Student Miranda Hobbes got the full up-and-coming career girl treatment. "We wanted a suit with those shoulders and Reebok and ankle socks," Rogers says. "It was a thrift store suit. We went straight to the thrift store Queens. It was like, 'what suit do you want ?' We probably got four bags of suits for $20."
Miranda's 80's look : Vintage suit, Nordstorm blouse, Reebok shoes, vintage Barnes and Noble tote.
Samantha's style was inspired by legendary music club, CBCG. "We went with a rocker look, punk rocker, in a way," recalls Rogers. "The idea just kind of came into the room." The outfit was a combination of vintage and accessories from Patricia Field's own store. "It took us a long time to find the right jean jacket."
Samantha's 80's look : Levi's vest, Natasha skirt, Minchi pants, Fantasy boots and House of Field clutch. 

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, girls!Ahlan wa sahlan!
(Carrie) : Halston Heritage dress (£220), Low Luv bracelet, Jennifer Fisher ($2200) Moon w/ Pave Diamons charm necklace, vintage turban and Manolo Blahnik shoes, (Miranda) : vintage jumpsuit, Samantha Wills earrings and Ralph Lauren shoes, (Samantha) : Ralph Lauren, (Charlotte) : Vintage dress, Julien David scarf, Chanel belt, Miu Miu shoes, Patricia Underwood hat and Cartier bracelets.
The biggest thrill for the designers was shooting the fashionable away from Manhattan and making them harmonize. "I think the whole idea of this trip was like a symphony or concerto with the other three and Carrie together," says Field. "It's like a girl group - it's like they're the Supremes!" 
Hello Abu Dhabi! (Which in reality the shoot took place in Morocco)

Carrie's carrying  an orange Adriana Castro-Ostrich hobo bag ($2,680).

Classic movies were the starting point for Miranda's desert looks.
"Our inspiration when dressing her was the iconic Katherine Hepburn in African Queen," says Rogers. "Fair skin protected by good hats, long skirts."
Miranda here wearing Hermes dress, Elizabeth and James jacket, vintage hat and Pepito earrings. 
Inside limousine ride (Miranda and Carrie).
The outfit Carrie wore while shopping in Abu Dhabi was the product of pure serendipity. During a fitting, Sarah Jessica Parker removed a  Zac Posen ballgown to reveal a purple and gray crinoline. "She was like, 'Look at this!'," says Rogers, who paired it with a tee from the series. "Pat was really pleased to get the "J'Adore Dior" shirt in as kind of a wink and nod to the past-and who doesn't like that shirt?" The result? Magic. "For me, to have her standing in a souk in that kind of antebellum hoop skirt - that's very Sex and The City."
Carrie at Moroccan Bazaar wearing Christian Dior T-shirt, Zac Posen shirt and underskirt, Manolo Blahnik sandals, Andrea Lieberman bracelet and vintage bag.
The luxe looks on camel-bound Carrie and Miranda were inspired by a long-ago trip to Egypt taken by the two costume designers. "When we went to Egypt , we styled ourselves for four hours for the camels. You get into romance of it. It's exciting to go together to a place."
Camel ride.

The inspiration for Samantha's headdress came straight from N.Y.C's Lower East Side. "In the 80's I remember Pat wearing this hat," Rogers said of the perforated headdress. "I was like, 'Pat, you just have to pick the color of leather' and we had the hat custom made." The topper was recreated by it's milliner." At first we were loving it for Kristin, we were thinking a Cleopatra feel for her," she says, but it was the ultimately the fearless Kim Cattrall who rocked the hat. "It's very Lawrence of Arabia."
Designers behind the desert style are :
  1. Samantha : American Apparel bathing suit, Jean Paul Gaultier dress, Ivana Sert shrug, Ralph Lauren bag and custom Horst NYC hat.
  2. Charlotte : Alexander Wang tank, Zac Posen pants, Patricia Field robe and a Vivienne Westwood hat.
  3. Carrie : Dior bustier, Ralph Lauren trousers, Zara blouse, YSL shoes, Philip Treacy turban, Low Luv cuff and Hermes bag.
  4. Miranda : Hermes shirtdress and cowboy hat, Missoni pants, Roberto Cavalli belt and Salvatore Ferragamo sandals. 

For a scene set in Abu Dhabi (and shot in Morocco), the designers gave the characters a fantasy wardrobe with fantasy accessories: Charlotte wore a regal Chanel collar ("Pat liked the Cleopatra element on Kristin"), Samantha rocked snake earrings and Miranda sported a bib necklaces. But what about Carrie? "We tried to have her wear a hat in the tent scene," says Rogers. "But it was white rabbit fur and we just couldn't justify wearing fur in the desert, so we just left it on the blanket as a prop."    

Cheers !!

(Charlotte) : Vintage Halston dress, Chanel collar, Rodrigo Otazu bracelet and Christian Loubooutin shoes (on blanket); (Carrie) : Vintage Halston dress, Stella McCartney tank, Reem Acra belt, Cocotay cuffs, Bea Valdes bag and Manolo Blahnik heels (both on blanket); (Samantha) : Patricia Field for Keith Haring dress, Patricia Field mules, Wendy Brandes earrings; (Miranda) : Mara Hoffman dress, Roberto Cavalli bracelet.  
Few people can pull off a statement jewelry like Kim Cattrall. "Kim just owns it - she can handle it," Rogers says of the whopping shoulder-duster the actress wore in the movie. "That one can carry a big earring."
See how big the earrings are,

Samantha wearing Marc Bauer dress and vintage earrings.

An 11th-hour visit to underground designers, The Blonds, took this scene in a radical new direction.
"That was a real last-minute deal," Rogers says of the looks. "Pat's original idea was to have them all in long dresses like a girl singing group." Instead, Samantha's studded dress and Carrie's jeans were hastily (and stunningly!) added to the mix.
The after hour.
Miranda: Vintage Halston dress and vintage belt and Charlotte: Vintage YSL dress, Blu by Betty Lou Moscot earring and Jack Vartanian bracelet.
Carrie: Chanel skirt over Closed jeans (customized with crystal by The Blonds) and Stella McCartney blouse, vintage headpiece.
This time Carrie is wearing a tiara-looking headband, and Balmain-looking studded acid wash jeans.

Here is Samantha's red dress from The Blonds with vintage belt, Nicole Romano earrings and Le Vive ring.
Miley Cyrus came on board to play herself caught at an event in the same dress as Samantha.
"I know that it was extremely important to Pat that they both look good." The duplicate designs were Matthew Williamson dresses customized with crystals by The Blonds.
"It was like a nude-colored bra top, we just added more bling to it."
Samantha's stunning statement necklace was ordered from Noir, while Miley's choker? "Was a reject from Kim's flashback outfit."

  Red Carpet scene SATC2 : Samantha and Miley Cyrus both wear Matthew Williamson dress and Dolce Vita boots, Samantha necklaces is from Noir

Sarah Jessica Parker was very hands on when it came to putting together her character's unforgettable looks. 
"She would go through the racks and do kiss or kill," says Rogers, explaining, "Like it and it stays or you kindly kill it. She's a very fast edit. She can whittle down 20 racks in no time."
 Carrie : Emilio Pucci dress, Zac Posen belt, Marc walsh/Leslie Chin for Rodarte cuff, and Chanel bag, Jennifer Fisher ($2200) Moon w/ Pave Diamonds charm necklace.

Inside Carrie's place there's Big.

Here's Carrie inside the plane, she's wearing:
Carrie : Norma Kamali dress, Yohji Yamamoto hat, Solange Azagury-Partridge bracelet, YSL handbag, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes.

Let the sunshine in (inside Carrie and Big's bedroom and they new closet)
Carrie puts her Manolo Blahnik (something blue satin pump) $945.

This is Carrie in SATC first movie,
Could it be Samantha next and whose dress she's wearing?

An unusually long production schedule allowed the designers to consider an unprecedented amount of clothing.
"New clothing just keep coming into the (wardrobe) room," says Rogers. "We would call in the world and ill that room up to the brim." The extra time permitted them to pull spectacular number from designer archives, like this beaded gown from Naeem Khan's Spring 2008 collection.
(Spoiler alert!) The certain story is their best friend Anthony and Stanford will get married.
Samantha on beaded gown from Naeem Khan Spring 2008 collection

'Tuxedo' couple (Big and Carrie)
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 Sex and the City 2: The Stories. The Fashion. The Adventure.

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