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Friday, November 20, 2009

Item of The Week : Whooga Ugg Boots

Whooga Ugg Mini in Chestnut £66 (Regular price £81), Whooga Ugg Classic Short in Purple £69 (Regular price £86), Whooga Ugg Classic Tall in Grey and Pink £75 (Regular price £90), Whooga Ugg Metallic Tall £88 (Regular price £103).

Winter came, uggs are coming to the rescue! Our item(s) of the week are ugg boots from Whooga. Adapting ThermoFleece Technology for material selection, design, processing, and construction is not merely to ensure they are comfortable but their thicker softer fleece can keep a constant 22 degree temperature which could make our feet warm during colder days yet cool during warmer days by circulating air so our feet will still be able to breathe naturally and won't overheat.

While there are many ugg boots out there on the market, rarely of them use Merino sheepskin like Whooga. Merino sheepskin has a
finer fibre, besides gives a much better level of comfort on your toes, it also gets rid of those scratchy feelings we often got from a thicker fibre sheepskin.

Well, perhaps some of you still in doubt whether uggs are a part of fashion or just a pair of boots that you chase only for comfort. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to mix and match ugg boots. So you would say "ugg-ly no more!"

Here we go...

Style #1 - Punk Chic

How to get the look:
1. Pair uggs with leather jacket or anything with a touch of leather, such as studded leather cuff.
2. Try skull accessories like skull-print scarf or skull jewelry.

Hair dos that go along with this style:

Style #2 - Simply Sweet

How to get the look:
1. Choose girly or pastel colors, such as shades of pink, peach.
2. Add accessories like flowers, bows, hearts.

Hair dos that go along with this style:

Style #3 - Multicolor Beauty

How to get the look:
1. Mix multi-color accessories that have similar colors.
2. Keep one or two things in neutral color.

Hair dos that go along with this style:

Style #4 - Animalicious

How to get the look:
1. Wear one kind of animal print in one or two place.
2. Avoid too much colors.

Hair dos that go along with this style:

Style #5 - Casual Chic

How to get the look:
1. Wear your favorite pair of jeans, doesn't matter if it's skirt, short, or jacket.
2. Keep it simple with jewelry and hairstyle.

Hair dos that go along with this style:

We hope we inspire you to explore new styles with your uggs, or if you still haven't own a pair of your own, it is the perfect time to try your luck by entering Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway! There will be a winner every month and at a certain time there will be winner each day for 7 days in a row. How cool is that!

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