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Monday, December 7, 2009

First Barbie by Christian Louboutin

The master behind fabulous footwear who also proclaimed as the godfather of Barbie®, Christian Louboutin, has created a collection of three stylish limited edition Barbie® dolls by join forces with the toy maker company, Mattel.

Now, the first Barbie®
from the collection has been launched yesterday, retails for $150. No wonder, with so many Louboutin fans and Barbie lovers out there, this Cat Burglar Barbie® had been sold out in less than 24 hours online.

These dolls only produced 7,700 for worldwide distribution and only 2,400 out of those produced will be available for purchase through online shop and catalog.

Packaged in Louboutin shoe box, Cat Burglar Barbie® comes in a black tight outfit with mini version of gold studded Differa sandals,

Price upon request - christianlouboutin.com

Also in the box are a pair of mini Miss ankle boots,

mini Claudia peep-toe,

and Altameche knee-high boots.

It just couldn't get better to know that all the shoes come with very cute size shoe box and shoe bag.

Barbie® also includes her diary from her year in Paris with Christian Louboutin on the back of the box,

Besides bundled with Cat Burglar Barbie®, the photo diary also will be sold separately for $40. (Available January 2010 at BarbieCollector)

Starring Barbie® herself and Christian Louboutin, in this journal, Barbie® shares her incredible adventure moments in 12 places of Christian's all-time favourite. (Oh, we so envy her...)

For you who wants to collect all of three, The second Barbie
® of the collection, safari-themed Barbie® planned to be release in February next year. Then the third, Cannes red carpet-themed Barbie® due in May.

Cat Burglar Barbie
® can be purchase at Net-A-Porter or BarbieCollector.

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