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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sex and the City 2 Fashion Revealed - Part I

Ladies, are you ready for Sex and the City movie sequel?? We guess you are, because we're ready and absolutely can't wait to see it hits the theathers May 28, 2010.

While counting down to D day, Warner Bros finally released the first promotional poster to amuse all Sex and the City fans worldwide. Just by looking at it, we know the sequel will be hot and not going to leave us disappointed. This time alongside the fashionista quartet played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, there are also cameo appearances by Liza Manelli, Miley Cyrus, and Penelope Cruz who could only make this movie better than the first.

Okay, now let's move on to the best part, the inside fashion scoop from the shooting set.

New York stylist, Patricia Field, is still the one in charge for costumes in this flick. She once told PEOPLE that "It's Star wars for women all over the world!"

She also spilled the reason why the four stars dressed in the 80's outfit.

"It was in the beginning of the movie," Field explained. "Carrie was waiting to meet her girlfriends and she was thinking about when she first moved to New York in the 80's and how she met Samantha and Charlotte. They're all, in real time, meeting to go shopping. And in her flashback time, she is thinking of when she first met each one of them."

Donald Traill/AP

Though Patricia successfully resuscitate the 80's fashion, but i've never been a fan of 80's style, so let's drop it and move on to the present time.

As we've seen, obviously the four of them look very beautiful, but which style do you prefer to wear for yourself?

My eyes on Carrie or Miranda.

Okay, back to topic. First, let's have a closer look on what Carrie is wearing. Can you guess how much the total cost approximately for this look?

The price turns out pretty outstanding. We'll elaborate it for you...

Halston Heritage White Dress for $325, the Louboutin Classic 'Pigalle' 12 cm Heels for $3,195, and limited edition Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm shades from Autumn/Winter 09 collection for $385 (on eBay or Oki-ni).

$ 385
$ 325
-------------- +

and that's not all folks, we still haven't added a $1,500 Chanel clutch and this remarkable necklace by Solange Azagury-Partridge retails for $198,200. Now you do the math :)

Solange Azagury-Partridge 'Random' 18ct blackened white gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and fire opal necklace.

Still on Carrie...

James Devaney/ Wire Image

Carrie once wore this Christian Dior newsprint dress in Sex and the City series - season 3. In a scene when she's confronting Mr. Big's ex-wife, Natasha (episode 47).

In the movie, she paired this sexy backless dress with (again) Louboutin.

Apparently Mrs. Big
really ditches Manolos for Louboutins.

Christian Louboutin lace booties $3,325

Then here we have a glimpse for the next summer trend: Tied-up shirt.

SJP's alter-ego rocked a casual-turned-sexy look with the magic touch of purple Brian Atwood 'Loca' studded heels and Chanel canvas tote.

Oh la la, these shoes are just too good to be true!

Next please...

Carrie spotted in Halston Heritage cocktail dress $435, Jee Vice's Heated shades $170, Louboutin's Gino T-strap Heels $865 and large Sylvia hobo bag $1,795.

Does anybody have more info about this gold four-leaf clover necklace in the picture below?

Alrighty then, now let's close Carrie's page and switch to Charlotte York.

It's so Charlotte when all come in matching color.

She chose to wear all pink in pink Dior suit (jacket $3,090,
skirt $790), carrying Lady Dior Pink Lizard handbag $6,650, and finishes off with white-pink Louboutin slingbacks.

And there was also time when she all matchy matchy in green.

To be continued... Meet you in Part II!

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