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Friday, July 31, 2009

Grab Susan Hanover Jewelry While On Sale

If you love to wear and collect semi-precious stone accessories, then you should never miss the chance on this one. A must-have jewelry from Susan Hanover. Now 50% off all items on Gilt.com, only until August 2, 2009.

For invitation, you can click here

Triple Hoop Drop Earrings
$74 (Before $148)

Left: Stone Drop Hoop Earrings $60 (Before $120)
Right: Stone Cluster Earrings $75 (Before $150)

Left: Quartz Drop Earrings $60 (Before $120)
Right: Flower Earrings $74 (Before $148)

Left: Flower Necklace $72 (Before $145)
Right: Stone Pendant Necklace $46 (Before $95)

Stone Pendant Necklace
$46 (Before $95)

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