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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recycled T-shirt Dress by Angela Johnson

What would you do with your old tees?

Clothing designer, Angela Johnson, transforms simple and boring tees into a voluminous circle skirt, one-shoulder corset, ruffle skirt, high-waisted pencil skirt with peplum, and even an extravagant ball gown.

Price for her fabulous creation ranges from under US$100 up to US$400. For custom order all we need is just to decide what theme and color for the T-shirts material and leave the rest to Johnson which lucky tees have the opportunity to change form into a unique, beautiful outfit.

T-shirt Ball Gown US$400
T-shirt Party Dress US$300
T-shirt Mini Dress US$275
Ruffle Party Dress US$340

Peplum Pleat Skirt US$150
Side Ruffle Skirt US$80

Peplum Skirt US$60
Ruffle Corset US$170
Left: Show piece for Scottsdale Fashion Week 2008 ; Right: Ruffle Neck Dress US$100

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