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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Looks For Spring/Summer 2011

Still searching for style inspiration to embrace next spring? What makeup to put on, what outfit to wear..
Try this look, bold and colorful makeup as seen at Christian Dior SS2011 runway show. Be brave, be bold, be outstanding throughout spring/summer time.

This look goes along very well with these themes: neutrals, purely white, and even colorful outfit could do such an effect to brighten up your mood as long as you feel confident wearing it.

All black would be fine if you are a person with high self-esteem. Because all the attention would go straight to the face.

What about animal prints? This one couldn't be tolerated. Yes, they perhaps work on runways, but in reality you better try to avoid it if don't want to be mistaken for a drag queen :)

But... (Yes, there is still an exception), if you are way too crazy for animal prints and couldn't live without, wear it only for accessories, a nice looking leopard patterned clutch will roar your appearance.

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