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Monday, May 24, 2010

Charmed Yourself With Cupcake

Still in the ambience of Sex and the City the sequel countdown. For our item of the week we feature something related to the previous movie back in 2008.

Do you remember these scenes when Charlotte's adorable daughter, Lily, answers Carrie's crystal encrusted phone and put it in this very cute cupcake clutch?

This particular item by Judith Lieber worth $4,295 inspires us for AM this week's chosen item.

Treat yourself with these charm-ing cupcakes!
1. Lolly's Candy and Cupcake Layered Necklace- Pink $35.00 $29.99
2. 10k Yellow Gold .05 Carat Diamond Cupcake Pendant w/18" Chain $191.25 $149.99
3. Juicy Couture Cupcake Charm, available in Pink and Yellow $46.99 each.
4. 14k Yellow Gold Pink and White Enamel Cupcake Pendant $259.99 $62.99
5. Diamond Cupcake Pendant in 10K White and Yellow Gold with Chain $250 $99

Skip the box office lines! Buy tickets in advance for Sex and the City 2!

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