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Monday, March 2, 2009

AM Designer of the Month : The Blonds

Who's behind The Blonds?

They are Phillipe Rolano and David Trujillo, also known as Phillipe and David Blond. Launched their label around 5 years ago or about in 2004. Phillipe Blond started his design career as M.A.C make-up artist, while David was a window dresser for stores such as Macy's in New York and Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour, Fla. Now, The Blonds is famous for their corsetry masterpiece, which are handmade and also one of a kind for each piece. A combination between special-chosen garments embellished with extra amazing details make their collections stand out and become one of the top-choice wear by celebrities nowadays.

Evan Rachel Wood

Supermodel, Maggie Rizer and Rihanna wear the same Blonds' creation...

Rihanna image source WorldofRihanna

Debbie Harry

Nicole Schezinger
OK Magazine

Kate Bosworth

Lydia Hearst

Also wore by Britney...

Britney Spears

M.A.C Viva Glam Ad

Not only Beyonce wears it in her video clip...

The same corset also wore by supermodel Devon Aoki and actress Minnie Driver for a magazine photo shoot...

Other celebrities who also wear The Blonds' outfit, Ashanti, Rihanna (Live at 2008 Fashion Rocks), and the beautiful Dita Von Teese...

And last but definitely not least, the talented singer, Katy Perry...

This corset especially made for M.A.C & Hello Kitty Couture Auction event on eBay

Live performance at Grammy Awards 2009

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