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Monday, January 3, 2011

F.I.Y: Eyebrowed Glasses - Inspired by Prada F/W 2010

Want to make your own eyebrowed glasses as seen at Prada Fall/Winter 2010? Just follow the steps below.

What you'll need:
- Eyeglasses that cost a fraction
- Non-fraying fabric such as felt, leather, suede, etc (+/- 7cm x 7 cm)
- 6 snaps (Clear ones better)
- Sewing thread and needle
- Glue

1. Choose the shape of eyebrow you like (We chose Miss J's)
2. Cut the fabric in the shape of eyebrow. 2x left and 2x right.
3. Sew-on the socket section of snaps to the fabric. 3 snaps for each one (1x left and 1x right)
4. Glue the eyebrows that had been stitched with snaps to their counterparts. 
5. Glue the ball section of snaps to the eyeglasses frame. Easier if you snap-on the snaps first to the fabric before glue them on.
6. VoilĂ !

Make the eyebrows in any colors you like. Try to match them with your apparel and have fun with it! Happy New Year 2011!

- Would be so much better with cat eye glasses.
- The use of suede or any leather materials for "eyebrows" will add up luxury.

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