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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Queen of the Famed - Skull, Spider, Vampire Accessories

These not-so-cute creatures are rather spooky in real life. Yet, when they are introduced to the fashion world will definitely make your look spooktacular!

8. Kermit Tesoro Shoes

13. Bowtie with skull EUR133,00

 22. Alexander McQueen Ring USD256.00
27.  Etched Skull Ring USD25.00

4. Betsey Johnson Spider Stud Earrings USD30.00

14. Betsey Johnson Spider Ring
19. Spider Web Cuff USD1,336.00

26. Gold Spider Earrings GBP9.65 

31. Delfina Delettrez Black Widow Ring USD630.00 (Pink) / USD709.90 (Red)
33. Roberto Cavalli Shoes GBP558.00

1. Betsey Johnson Betsey Vampire Lips Stud Earrings USD31.00
4. Betsey Johnson Betsey Vampire Vampy Lips Necklace USD33.00
5. Betsey Johnson Betsey Vampire Bracelet USD98.00
6. Top shop Bat Sling Bag

15. Betsey Johnson Vampire Bat Ring

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