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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Minnie Mouse Is Now Forever 21 Minnie Muse

Minnie Mouse turned into a 6'2" fashion darling for Forever 21.
Forever 21 has collaborated with Disney Consumer Products on a new fashion line for young fashionable women called "Minnie Muse".

41 pieces of Minnie Muse collection also include stationery, accessories and gift items. Price range from US$4.00 to US$30.00.
Minnie Mode Graphic Tee US$ 13.80 / Scattered Minnie Sweater US$27.80 / Sequin Racerback Minnie Dress US$29.80 / Parisian Minnie Sweater US$19.80
Minnie Fishnet Tights US$6.80 / Minnie Muse Double Ring US$5.80 / Muse Nameplate Necklace US$5.80

+ Shop Forever 21 "Minnie Muse" Collection

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