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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get Gwyneth Paltrow's Looks

Gwyneth Paltrow is our Featured Fashionista this month. During the promotion of her latest movie, Iron Man 2, she showed up to some events looking simply gorgeous as always and once again she proved it that she really knows what kind of style suits her best.



For our first Gwyneth style, we need to find a top with casual touch but not too casual. Keeping the simplicity to it and still in the same color tone. We found this Mango Sleeved Top for $49.90 $34.99. 

Then for pointy-shaped necklace Gwyneth wore to compliment her look, there's this Rhinestone Encrusted Tusk Necklace $5.80, it has the almost the same basic shape to the one she has. 

For the shorts are very easy to find, because there are many stores that sale short pants. All we need is to keep alert on shorts that not only inexpensive but have the look and touch of fabric that not showing it's price. They have to look like million bucks when only God and you know the real price tag (well, don't forget the cashier at the store). This one could be an option Merona Women's Short $15.00 $12.00.

Option for the shoes, we found Michael Antonio Spence Platform $64.95 $25.98.

The total look costs $78.77


Find skinny jeans in black to follow this look. They could be cropped-skinny jeans like the one Gwyneth wore in the picture above or
just the regular one. Levi's Jeans Red Tab 535 Skinny Legging $29.99

Harder part is trying to copy her leather jacket. Finding leather material jacket that is inexpensive yet still looks expensive is a very hard thing to do. There would be only faux-leather available and many of them look pretty dull. Don't be worry, in this kind of time, we can always pull off some fashion magic tricks. We able to find this Belted Zip-Up Jacket for $24.80 $11.99 from Forever 21. Although it's not made out of leather but the jacket has similar biker look and is the essential thing to copy this style.

For the top, an abstract patterned sleeveless top Acid Ruffle Tank $17.8 could slightly looks like the owl feather patterned chiffon silk top Gwyneth wore.

The ankle boots, once again from Michael Antonio Michael Antonio Women's Mckey Boot $39.00

Have you summed all the price for the total cost? If not, We've summed it for you, it's $98.78

This Mango Fitted Dress $79.90 almost give the same shape and has the exact color like Gwyneth's.

Then for the shoes, we found this feet-flattering Nine West Bombazin Platform Sandal $88.95 $35.69. They're suede and in beige, which a beige-neutral color shoe could make you look taller when paired with mini/midi-length dress.

Total for $115.59. Even though it's above a hundred bucks, but these two items really are fashion assets that you can wear and wear again.

Lovely Spiegel Signature Boyfriend Blazer $59.00 is exactly what we need to pull off our 4th look. Less than $100 yet it shows that it has a pretty neat finishing. When buying a diamond, there are 4C's, when choosing for a blazer, there are 4N's (Neat, Nifty, Non-wrinkled on shoulder, and Narrow on waist).

The white short pants, we able to find this Merona Women's Short for $15.00 $12.00. Tips for the short pants, make sure they are longer than the blazer, we don't want people on the street to turn their heads thinking we've had forgotten to wear pants.

We noticed that Gwyneth carrying a black clutch for this style and we managed to find a very good bargain for this, a Patent Mini Bow Clutch only for $16.99 $5.94

What we were searching for for the shoes are they have to be a peep-toe shoe, high and full on the front, yet ankle-strap. That's when the Harajuku Lovers Women's Ilyssa Pump $99.95 $39.98 came to the rescue.

How much total? It's $116,92

These are just few examples on how to be fashionable without breaking your bank account. You could always find bargains on branded fashion products or you could always find items with the same feel that are easy on the price. They will always be somewhere out there, you just need to keep your eyes open to notice their existence.

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