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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coca-Cola Light x Karl Lagerfeld

After previous collaborations with many widely known world-class fashion designers, now it's the genius Karl Lagerfeld's turn to dress up the Coca-Cola light bottle.

Lagerfeld has long been a fan of diet cola, and says he prefers to drink it in a delicate crystal goblet to accentuate the taste. - WWD

The designer lends his inimitable style and his
unmistakable silhouette to the chic lines of the bottle, all in a special limited-edition box, accompanied by a bottle-opener hidden in a drawer. (image below)

Karl Lagerfeld not only design the bottle but he also shot the ad campaign himself.

Coca-Cola light by Karl Lagerfeld ad campaign features Coco Rocha and Baptiste Giabiconi sipping/holding the limited-edition aluminum bottle version. (above)

Coca-Cola light Karl Lagerfeld box set for $79.43 and bottle only for $4.63.

Available via Colette.

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