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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh La La! C'est Louboutin!

Opened his first boutique in Paris in 1992 has made his name more and more familiar nowadays.
Here is one of the most famous shoe designers today,
who makes the perfect blend of beauty and sex appeal, the genius Christian Louboutin.

Not just every kind of people, socialists, shoe-lovers, and celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Rihanna are three among many big fans of his artworks, and they all wouldn't miss any of his spectacular creation even once.

He seems never run out ideas of making masterpieces, always inventing the kind of impossible feminine shoes to wear and not only with awesome design but also stable comfortable ones.

In this early year, Christian Louboutin launched his magnificent limited-edition shoe collection. Why are they so special? Because they are just 36 pairs in the world, and only be sold in his boutique at Madison Avenue, New York.

For making this collection, he wasn't doing it alone, he made a collaboration with Jean-Francois Lesage, a very well-known 76-year-old embroidery couturier from France.

Behind the making of these shoes, Louboutin himself got the inspiration from the royal princess of Austria that became Queen of France after she married Louis XVI, she was known as Marie Antoinette. These sateen shoes collection was named after her and cost US$ 6.295. The price includes special design shoe case, which we wish it would be like a giant faberge egg as seen on the window display.

They are available in three different colors: Pink, Yellow and Blue.

This French shoe designer who's famous by jewelled heels, embroidered, and recognisable lacquered red soles, made his debut appearance in February 23rd at The South Coast Plaza Boutique to give an autograph for all women and men fans with his colorful markers dance as an artist making art under the shoes. It took hours after hours of line, but afterall it was worth the wait.

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