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Friday, February 20, 2009

M.A.C & Hello Kitty Couture Auction

By this time, our chance to bid on a one-of-a-kind Kitty Creation, designed exclusively for M.A.C by a constellation of International Couturiers has been closed. All proceeds benefit the Acquisition Fund for The Museum at FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Here is the review of the magnificent creations that had been inspired by none other than Miss Kitty herself from many well-known designers such as Elie Saab, Hervé Léger, Zac Posen, Emanuel Ungaro, Blugirl, Manish Arora, Marchesa, Charlotte Ronson, Catherine Malandrino, Tadashi Shoji, The Blonds, Kai Kuhne, Giles, Vicente Villarin, Zimmermann, Shu-Chi Huang, Sinha Stanic, Dress 33, Qiu Hao, Miro, threeASFOUR, Ruffian, Kate Sylvester, Sang Beg Ha, Yigal Azrouel, Opening Ceremony, General Idea - Bum Suk Choi.


Winning bid US$ 620

"Hello Kitty has become synonymous with joy and cheerfulness. Blugirl wants to celebrate this newly inspired make-up collection aiming at an ironic and immediate femininity and creating a modern and elegant style, accessorized with plenty of sparkle. This gorgeous Blugirl outfit plays with colors, flounces, ribbons and shining details for an irresistible result!"
- Anna Molinari

Catherine Malandrino
Winning bid US$ 202.50

"Hello Kitty is a glamorous icon with a touch of Decadence"
- Catherine Malandrino

Charlotte Ronson
Winning bid US$ 200

"The outfit is based on rock-n-roll from the 80's, the girl who wears this would listen to Blondie, Joan Jett, Tina Turner, Culture Club, Eurythmics andThe Bangles."
- Charlotte Ronson

Dress 33
Winning bid US$ 306.99

"This dress expresses M.A.C, Hello Kitty and Dress 33. I was inspired by M.A.C's signature color, black, and then incorporated my trademark zebra pattern into the dress. I imagined if Kitty was a woman that i would design a high volume dress for her with a touch of fantasy."
- Toshikazu Iwaya

Elie Saab
Winning bid US$ 660

"Hello Kitty is young, fresh and witty! That's what this design represents!"
- Elie Saab

Emanuel Ungaro
Winning bid US$ 305

General Idea - Bum Suk Choi
Winning bid US$ 209.47

" I focused on Debbie Harry of Blondie rather than just on Hello Kitty's character. While the Hello Kitty Girl represents M.A.C's famous black color - Hello Kitty changes from a girl to a woman with matte black and glossy pink! The black is chic and provocative and the pink ribbon symbolizes the pure sensibility of a little girl."
- Bum Suk, Choi

Winning bid US$ 610

"I remember first seeing Hello Kitty on a trip to Japan in 1992 and it seemed like such a hysterical phenomena. So when asked by M.A.C to design for Hello Kitty as a woman I jumped at the chance to be part of the global spectacle."
- Giles Deacon

Hervé Léger by Max Azria
Winning bid US$ 665
Winning bid US$ 1214.99

"Hello Kitty was a perfect match for
Hervé Léger by Max Azria - each one is iconic in its own right. We took the elements of Hello Kitty's signature look - her bows and her love for pink, and combined them with the modern art references from our collection, and of course, the signature Hervé Léger sex-appeal."
- Max Azria
Kai Kuhne
Winning bid US$ 200

"The dress is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's sexy undergarments and seductive poses in the two classic films, Butterfield 8 and Tennessee William's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or as we like to call it Kitty on a Hot Tin Roof."
- Kai Kuhne

Kate Sylvester
Winning bid US$ 405.01

"A rose has so many different connotations. They can be romantic, heraldic, tacky, old-fashioned, sophisticated or dangerous. For me, they are nostalgia for my childhood. Hello Kitty is a modern day rose."
- Kate Sylvester

Manish Arora
Winning bid US$ 405

"I wanted to embody the spirit of hello kitty and make her a dress that would celebrate her sweet girlish fantasies."
- Manish Arora

Winning bid US$ 455.10

"Hello Kitty : The world's most fashionable feline."
- Marchesa

Winning bid US$ 212.50

"The inspiration was to dress the cat! In addition, because cats love necking we make a backless dress to feel it on her skin."
- Yiannis Raptis, Dimitris Mastrokalos

Opening Ceremony
Winning bid US$ 202.50

Qiu Hao
Winning bid US$ 205

"This was a very unique and interesting project for me as I am not particularly obessed with cosmetics or Hello Kitty. I had the opportunity to play around with many fabrics using my free hands for this design. I combined the concept of Chinese shadow-cutting art, with the elegance of lace and the cute black satin ribbon bracelet to transform the
kitty into an elegant, cute, and cool M.A.C Girl. I think it's a meaningful cross-over."
- Qiu Hao

Rosa Cha
Winning bid US$ 202.50

"Provocative, Sexy and Feminine, mixing the shining of the fabric with the irreverence and boldness of Hello Kitty."
- Amir Slama

Winning bid US$ 200

"We were inspired by Ms. Kitty's innovative use of one piece garments, her sense of color and her knack for accessories."
- Brian Wolk and Claude Morais

Sang Beg Ha
Winning bid US$ 359.09

"I took literal inspiration directly from the idea of Hello Kitty. I wanted whoever would wear this garment to feel like Hello Kitty. The dress has the feeling of a doll's clothing, but is as big as the biggest flower blossom. You can be yourself as Hello Kitty! It's a T-shirt dress with a sexy, romantic flavor."
- Sang Beg, Ha

Shu-Chi Huang
Winning bid US$ 1150

"Hello Kitty is a great idol in asia. To asian women, Hello Kitty presents a pink dream, she is the symbol of dreams, cuteness and romance. Every girl wants to be her. This dress was designed for presenting Hello Kitty's Dream. Choosing pink to express the pure and fantastic world. Different. Texture will be adopted into the dress, like chiffon and ribbon to reflect Hello Kitty's feminine. The dress has layers to create a joyous atmosphere."

Winning bid US$ 345

"We wanted to capture the cool adolescent image that is synonymous with Hello Kitty, and at the same time incorporate the luxurious modern palette that M.A.C created for this new range."
- Aleksandar Stanic and Fiona Sinha

Tadashi Shoji
Winning bid US$ 205
Winning bid US$ 430

"Considering our long standing relationship with M.A.C, I was honored when I was approached to create dresses for the launch of their Hello Kitty Colour Collection. I took their creative direction and added my own personal touch, creating what I feel to be a great collaboration between M.A.C and Tadashi Shoji."
- Tadashi Shoji

The Blonds
Winning bid US$ 955

"Hello Kitty Rocks! The Blond were inspired by all things Rock and Roll for the ultimate Hello Kitty corset."
- Phillipe Rollano and David Trujillo.

Winning bid US$ 256

"threeASFOUR was inspired to create their vision of a Hello Kitty meets Superhero hybrid-Super Kitty. Their Kitty creation is a chic and sleek body-conscious suit of sequins, leather and sheer lycra, which highlights her body with signature threeASFOUR curvilinear seaming with flashes of neon Kitty pink."
- threeASFOUR

Vicente Villarin
Winning bid US$ 215
Winning bid US$ 425

"As a child, I was fascinated by Hello Kitty and her pink bow which inspired me to design and incorporate into both pieces."
- Joanne Reyes

Yigal Azrouel
Winning bid US$ 212.50

"I wanted to take the image of Hello Kitty and toughen it, make her stronger. The fabrics I used; leather and techno crepe, also lend themselves to the hard-soft dichotomy."
- Yigal Azrouel

Zac Posen
Winning bid US$ 412

"Hello Kitty needed a Hello Posen!"
- Zac Posen


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