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Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello..M.A.C Hello Kitty!

Remember M.A.C's past limited-edition lines like Fafi, Heatherette and Manish Arora have sold out incredibly fast, also an Emanuel Unggaro collection.
Another M.A.C breakthrough collaboration is not just a rumor gals, now the first collection in 2009 is the new limited-edition of M.A.C cosmetic and Hello Kitty will be available on M.A.C website February 10 and at M.A.C US store on February 12. Overseas store will be launch in March 2009.

Mark the date, ladies! This hot-ticket collection is going to fly off the counters!
Not only did they create a range of cosmetics, there's also a line of accessories:

Small Makeup Bag for $22 & Medium Makeup Bag $35, Tote Bag $45, Soft Vanity Kit $55
Purses Mirror for $22, Mirror Key Clip $16, Beaded Bracelet $34,
Three-Brush collection $49.50, and Plush Doll for $42.

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