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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shriek For The Shrek-tacular

After it's success with Alice in Wonderland collection, now O.P.I has made another collection in 6 vibrant colors inspired from the upcoming 3-D animation movie, Shrek Forever After. (In theaters May 21)

Those six shrek-tacular colors are,

Rumple's Wiggin'
O.P.I Shrek Forever After "Rumple's Wiggin'"

What's With The Cattitude?

Funky Dunkey
O.P.I Shrek Forever After "Funky Dunkey"

Who The Shrek Are You?
Ogre-The-Top Blue
O.P.I Shrek Forever After "Ogre-the-top Blue"

and Fiercely Fiona
O.P.I Shrek Forever After "Fiercely Fiona"

Confuse to decide which color to own? The good news is it's also available in set of minis. This O.P.I Shrek-tacular mini set includes 1/8 fl oz bottles of What's with the cattitude?, Rumple's Wiggin', Who the shrek are you?, and Fiercely Fiona.

If you're wondering how the colors look like applied on actual nails, you can see the swatches and review here.

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