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Friday, July 17, 2009

Beyoncé Presents Sasha Fierce For Deréon Collection

Together, Beyoncé and her 'fashion designer' mom, who is also her stylist, Tina Knowles, will be launching a new concept for junior apparel label for their fashion line Deréon. The collection inspired by the sense of style of Beyoncé's alter ego called Sasha, which also the name of her third solo album "I Am... Sasha Fierce".

About the collection, Tina said, is "edgier and trendier and reflects Sasha Fierce’s daring and outgoing attitude."

"The line really exudes a different side of my personality, which I am grateful that I can express”
, said
Beyoncé in a statement.

"When the tour started, we noticed the definite style of it,” Tina explained. “Thierry Mugler designed the clothes for the tour, but we really wanted to celebrate the style and interpret that into a collection.”
Tina added.

The collection consists of a full range of sportswear, outerwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, lingerie and jewelry. P
rice will range from $25 to $75 and will be available around September.

Below we are giving you updates from the newest
Deréon collection for Fall 2009,

Biker jacket combined with black top and legging

Beyoncé seen wearing almost the same outfit at JFK Airport on April 27, 2009.

Mini black parachute dress with oversize collar

Commercial shoot for Deréon Fall 2009

'One hand glove' is among the collection's specials. Though not the same, it's inspiration must be came from Beyoncé's favorite 'one hand glove' that spotted on her so many times.

at MTV Europe Music Awards 2008

faux-leather jacket and legging with heavily studded shoes

at MTV's TRL Live in 2008


Beyoncé wears jacket and jewelry from her collection

The "It" accessories every girl must have.

Perhaps she inspired by the sunglasses she once wore for her "Single Ladies" music video.

“She definitely tells me what she likes and what she doesn’t. It was her suggestion to line the rips of the jeans with the mesh and lace,” Tina said. “It makes the jeans look really different from what’s out there.”

Destructed ripped jeans

The handbags/shoes collection,

From heels to sporty shoes,

Heavily studded ankle boots

Sneakers with gold glitter velcro-strap.

And still many more from the collection,

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