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Friday, June 26, 2009

No More Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez

After Mblem by Mandy Moore and Lauren Conrad's clothing line, the recession has also made an impact to Jennifer Lopez. WWD is reporting that her high-end contemporary line, Sweetface is on hiatus, no more production after Spring 2009 collection with no set date when another collection will be launched.

But if you're a fan of hers, don't be worry. Her other line, JLO by Jennifer Lopez, will continue to sell outside the U.S. in 40 countries and the company seems won't slow down the pace for fragrances as well.
After its six highly successful perfumes, another one reported on the way due later this year.

Let's take a flashback of Sweetface collections between Fall 2005 to Spring 2009,

Fall 2005

Fall 2006

Spring 2009

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