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Friday, May 1, 2009

AM Designer of the Month : Lydia Courteille

Our choice for Designer of the Month this May goes to Lydia Courteille.

A French jewellery designer widely known for her quirky taste of design that makes her collections stand out among other competitors in the same industry. In her world the prosaic notion of "what will sell?" does not exist. She's not afraid to use colors and contrasts that are vibrant and unexpected. She embraces a wide range of historical periods, not allowing her passion for jewels to be temporally confined — some of her most ancient stones find their roots in the early 18th century. We can see her genuine passion for her career through her remarkable creations. Each different theme of her collections has it's own story to be read.

Lydia Courteille Portrait by Natalie Shau

She develops several collections every month and here are some of her newest creations,

The 9 Planets Collection

"My Secret Garden"
Ring (One of a kind)
Black rhodium gold, diamonds, orange sapphires, rare purple sugilit.

Brooch (One of a kind)
Black rhodium gold, coral, green garnets, white, brown and black diamonds .

Yellow gold and rhodium, pink sapphires, diamonds and green garnets.

Black rhodium gold, brown diamonds, rock crystal.

"To Cassandra"
Pink gold, green garnets, brown diamonds, rubies.

"Cabinet of Curiosities"

Ring (One of a kind)
Yellow gold, enameling, diamonds, portrait in Limoges enameling from the 19th century.

"Cameos and Carvings"

Lava stone cameo, yellow gold and silver, white and brown diamonds, enamel.

Ebony, gold, white diamonds, coral and turquoise.

"The 13th Sign"

Black rhodium gold, white and black diamonds, sapphires, tsavorits, Paraiba tourmaline cabochon.

If you're interested in her extraordinary jewellery and want to add them to your collection, you can visit Lydia Courteille official website for contact information, or you can buy online at CoutureLab or BrownsFashion.

Jasper Diamond Flower Ring $12,047 approx (Left)
Coral Diamond Flower Ring $11,393 approx (Center)
Onyx Diamond Flower Ring $11,393 approx (Right)

Baroque Pearl Ring $33,869 approx (Left)
Black Magnolia Earrings $5,645 approx (Center)
Diamond Monkey Cuff (Price available on request)

18k white gold rhodium plated turquoise flower ring £3,875.00 (Left)
18k White gold coral ring £6,800.00 (Center)
18k Yellow gold earrings with amethyst and enamel £8,175.00 (Right)

Opal Flower Ring £15,065 (Left)
Rose and Monkey Ring
£12,750 (Center)
White gold rhodium plated ring
£18,415 (Right)

Lydia Courteille's recent collection

Prince Charming Collection
"How many toads must you kiss, before you meet the charming Prince?"

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