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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Temptation of The New M.A.C


This spring, M·A·C is all temptation...frostings, finishes, fillings. Each of them whipped, creamy, deliciously stylish, as inspired by the world's most popular sugar-sweet desserts. Never has a season looked so eat-me-up gorgeous! and already launched March 2009.

Tricolour Lipglass $17.50 (...,Consume Me, Triple-Yum, Simply Delicious, Just Dessert, Tasty).

Lipstick $14.00, Lipglass $17.50, Nail Lacquer $11.00, Shadestick $16.50, Mineralize skinfinish $27.00, Eyeshadow $14.50.

Get increased mileage from makeup! A start-to-finish collection that revs up Prep + Prime: three new products plus the essential colour palette. Everything you need to be picture perfect. Launched in-stores April 2nd.

Eyeshadow $14.50(Bitter, White Frost),129 SH Powder/Blush Brush $34.00, Penultimate Eye Liner $16.50 (Rapidblack), Eye Brows $14.50 (Stud), Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder $21.00, Lipstick $14.00 (Snow Orchid, Impassioned).

A Rose Romance will make it's debut in April 23, 2009 in North America and for International around May 2009.

Nail Lacquer $11.00, Lipstick $14.00 (Way to Love, A Love Romance, Odyssey), Lipglass $14.00(Virgin Kiss, Steal My Heart, Magnetique), See Trhu Lip Colour $14.00(Loving Touch, Tender Tryst, Secret Crush), Gel Blush $18.50 (Just A Pinch), Pigment $19.50 (Mutiny, Circa Plum),
Mascara, Eyeshadow $14.50 (Shadowy Lady, Et Tu, Bouquet?, Silverthorn, Of Summer, Creme de violet), Beauty Powder $ 22.00 ( Blush of Youth, Summer Rose), Lil Pick of Palettes Eyeshadow MAC Graphic Garden July 2009 (the typical timing for Nordstrom’s Anniversary).

May 28, 2009 MAC Style Warrior will invade North America and for the rest of the world in June 2009 .

Lipstick (Brave New Bronze), Lipglass (Style Warrior, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce), Beauty Powder (On A Mission).

(Solar Riche, Refined Golden).

(Tempting, On A Mission, Vibrant Grape, Bright Future, Night Maneuvers, Soft Force).

(Refined Golden, On A Mission).

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