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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Inspiration : Mafia Shoes

Being a woman in this era where women are equal to men is so liberating! We freely swag wearing these men's footwear-inspired platforms, and yet some men still can't wear high heels the way we do! So, why don't we bring out a little bit of masculine touch without loosing the elegance and sleekness to our fashion sense.

Charles David Canny Spectator $336.00 (Regular price $408.00)

Marc by Marc Jacobs $328.99 (Regular price $469.99)

Marc by Marc Jacobs $328.99 (Regular price $469.99)

L.A.M.B Signature Collection Women's Gianira $230.99 (Regular price $329.99)

Corso Como Carson Mary Jane $151.00 (Regular price $186.00)

Contessa Mary Jane $42.99

Bandolino Women's Tiff $33.99 (Regular price $69.00)

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