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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Dream of 'Jean'nie - Finding Your Perfect Jeans

If your figure is...

Recommended Black, White, Skinny, Low-rise, Boot-cut, Light or dark-coloured jeans.
Avoid Wide leg.

Recommended White, Skinny, Boot-cut, Light-coloured jeans.

Avoid Low-rise, Wide-leg

Recommended Black, High-rise (not too high), Low-rise (not too low), Boot-cut, Dark-coloured jeans.
Avoid Low-rise, Wide-leg.

Black, White, Skinny, Low-rise, Boot-cut, Wide-leg, Light or dark-coloured jeans.
Avoid Baggy (Which all kind of body type should avoid too)

Tips - How to pick the right jeans:

  1. Make sure you have time to try them on before you buy.
  2. Try walking in them, jumping, sit, bending your knee, if you feel comfortable and they fit your shape well, then don't think twice, grab and buy those pair of jeans. (Well, you should have still look at the price tag too, recently jeans prices are sell in unreasonable prices)
  3. If you love wearing high heels. Beware of the length of your jeans. They should be cover around one-third of your heel (not too short, not too long). The precise length will make your legs look longer.
  4. Pay attention to the front and back pocket. The shapes of pockets have important role will or won't they suit your body. Back pockets are highly recommended if you have full rear.
  5. Also don't forget to check on the stitches. Make sure they are strong enough and not easy to loose.
  6. Take a good look on the bleaching. Some laser bleaches make your body look bigger than it should be, some are even helpful to conceal your flaw. (in example: Jeans with darker color on the inner-side thigh will make your thigh look slimmer)
  7. When trying on some jeans and you feel not too liking it, then thinking for an alteration, you better try to browse for another pair, especially if they are pricey. But, if the price is affordable and still on your budget, go ahead to buy and make some alterations on them, perhaps you would end up with a cool-trendy looking jeans that only you own it.
  8. Hope you'll find 'the one'. Happy jeans hunting! :)
Fergie wore too much-bleach jeans,
Victoria played it right.

Heidi wore it perfectly; Lindsay rocked it!; Mischa just not working, high is too high-flares are too flare, made her hips look twice bigger.

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