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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Roars in The Fashion Jungle" is Back!

Designer Mariuccia Mandelli selected a different critter to feature in her collection in 1981. Where the graphic pattern of a dress evoked tiger skin.

Krizia Collections (80's & 90's)

Krizia collection 1981 ; 1992
( Photo: Tony McGee - Courtesy of Krizia )

This season, wild ones roared their way down the runways again at :

Eley Kishimoto / Jean - Charles de Castelbajac
On The Prowl at Eley Kishimoto / Jean - Charles de Castelbajac's Animal Planet
( Photo : Marcio Madeira / Courtesy of Jean - Charles de Castelbajac )

Miss Sixty / Vivienne Westwood
Feline Fashion at Miss Sixty / Face Time at Vivienne Westwood
( Photo : Marcio Madeira )

Manish Arora / Paul & Joe
Manish Arora's Tiger Balm / Paul & Joey's Catnip
( Photo : Courtesy of Manish Arora / Courtesy of Paul & Joe )

Zero + Maria Cornejo / Miu Miu
Purring Along at Zero + Maria Cornejo / The Skin-ny on Fashion at Miu Miu
( Photo : Marcio Madeira )

DKNY / Manish Arora
Clothes for The Urban Jungle at DKNY / Manish Arora's Memento Mori
( Photo : Marcio Madeira / Courtesy of Manish Arora )

Let's predict will this be the next Fashion Fever?... And will you be adopting the trend?

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